Saturday, January 9, 2010

'ruby won't you be mine'

i can't know if the song was about ruby keeler but it could have been. married for a while to singer al jolson, ruby was a broadway star who began her career on the stage at 13! working for 45 a week. yes, please. huge success led to some films but ruby bowed out of the business only to retunr after 30 years to work once again with legendary busby berkeley.

while watching '42nd street' last night i was completely captivated by her. like the beautiful actress marion marsh, ruby had a heart full of light that just glowed on the screen. she seemed to be living in a permanent state of wonder and readiness. truly joyful.

the film is too. it stars bebe daniels, another true star whose eyes appear to be black velvet.

photo: ruby with many time partner dick powell

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