Monday, January 25, 2010

paul punches in

Rocky Graziano, born Thomas Rocco Barbella in New York City (1 January 1919[2] – May 22, 1990), was an outstanding American boxer. Graziano was considered one of the greatest knockout artists in boxing history, often displaying the capacity to take his opponent out with a single punch.

paul newman won me completely as the young pool hustler 'fast eddie' in 1961's 'the hustler.' five years earlier he played real life boxer rocky graziano. co starring was pier angeli, perhaps most famous for being the woman james dean fell in love with. strangely, james dean was set to step into this role. 'somebody up there likes me' was co-written by rocky himself.

photo: paul playing new yorker 'rocky.' this was his second film following four years of television work.

'He says "Don't hurry, baby
Somebody up there (somebody) likes me"
Somebody plays my song in tune
Makes me, makes me, makes me stronger for you, babe'- david bowie from the song 'somebody up there likes me.' (from the record 'young americans')

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nipper said...

words that paint a picture with song! wonderful histrionics.