Sunday, January 17, 2010

from the mouth of babes

'if my daddy was alive he'd turn over in his grave.' - baby doll

oh no! three films in various states of production based on the life/writings of dear jack kerouac:

On the Road
Big Sur
Dharma Bums

like many terrific storytellers, jack was probably a handful and a half to be around. so busy up inside his own head he had to be seriously self involved. without making an animated film of just what it may have looked like inside his amped up brilliant mind, the best we can hope for is a sympathetic revelation of what he may have been like to know. the young actor who has been awarded the honor to play jack in 'on the road' is sam riley.

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Mon said...

I'm wondering which biographies and other sources they'll use. Hopefully they don't romantacise him too much.