Wednesday, January 6, 2010

bud's buddy

marlon brando and karl malden seemed to be true friends. when brando was given his chance to direct he enlisted karl to play his foe. the delicious result was 1961's 'one eyed jacks.' i love it. brando was charmingly called 'bud' while growing up then sinatra entered the picture and referred to him as 'mr. mumbles.'

on the set of 'on the waterfront.'

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James P. Walsh said...

As everyone knows Brando and Sinatra did not get along at all. It went so far that they orchestrated their appearance for news conferences so that one would not arrive before the other. During one of his concerts Sinatra referred to Brando as one of the country's most over-rated actors. Sinatra was a great man but I think he could be very petty.