Tuesday, January 26, 2010

beyond last resort

James Myers Thompson was born on September 27th, 1906 in Anadarko, Oklahoma where his father, James Sherman Thompson, lived as the sheriff of Caddo county. The story is told through the eyes of its protagonist, Lou Ford, a 29-year-old deputy sheriff in a small Texas town.

okay, i read the book. the woman who graciously signed me to her record label was falling in love with her future husband at the time. said husband liked the writer jim thompson and told me to overcome my fears about thompson. he assured me that jim was a great writer. so i read. i read them all. yes, jim thompson is great. in print.

there is no reason on this earth to film his most disturbing novel. the main character 'lou ford' is a psycho tuna of the first order. like a sleep walker, he sows his seeds of destruction with no connection to his deeds. everyone just sort of asks for it.

i love sharing movies and i try quite hard to gain trust. i suggest you pass on the soon to be released film version of 'the killer inside me.' heck, good as it is, i wouldn't even recommend the book.

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