Saturday, January 23, 2010

alfred the great

The Times UK review:
"Moreover, Molina's blunt, bitter, baleful Rothko is able to communicate a ferocious pessimism to Eddie Redmayne's Ken, the aspiring artist who becomes his assistant and much misused lackey. Indeed, he rages unforgettably against the dying of the light as it is represented by those paintings in which rectangles of black overwhelm the reds he saw as symbolising life."

i would watch molina peel a grape and not lose interest! my fave molina moment came in 'coffee and cigarettes' but the man is just a giant of talent. as the overbearing partner of joe orton in 'prick up your ears' to the powerful diego rivera in 'frida', the actor seems inclined to slip into the shoes/sheets of artists. his portrayal of the russian born american painter mark rothko in the british play 'red' looks to be heading to ny.

photo from the play 'red': alfred and eddie redmayne

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