Sunday, December 20, 2009

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well, i must admit, i do not much enjoy 'madcap.' however, so many legendary actors participated in 1964's 'sex and the single girl' that i cannot complain. what i can say is that natalie wood's beauty coupled with her electric presence grounded all the silliness and inappropriateness of the time wrap we have blessedly grown out of. had the film not been in color i could go on and on about her 'enormous black eyes.' in truth her enormous eyes were brown. it still freaks me out that this actress who was known to be frightened of being immersed in water was exactly that in several films.

for those of you who enjoy sixties comedies, here is one that will deliver. yes, tony curtis gets to wear a flouncy woman's bathrobe and yes, actor mel ferrer is typically not very good (pardon me) but the essence of natalie will take your breath away.


nipper said...

what a scream! just so happens, this evening i was sitting at my kitchen table with belinda/ the radio diva out of boston she has her silly radio program 'bubbles in the think tank every saturday night. she explained to me the game 'madcap' which i was familiar with tonight!

p.s. gotta love tony curtis in a fluffy robe!

Drjohnrock said...

What a small world--Ms. Rawlins, of course, started her sublime silliness on WAIF in Cincinnati. I've been a guest programmer on the WAIF Thursday night program On The Way To The Peak Of Normal many times over the years.

As for Sex And The Single Girl, the actors do their best but wow, the silliness of that period piece...