Friday, December 25, 2009

les yeux sans visage

this french title kind of sounds like 'lazy you, son veezage.' but who would call their son veesage? another question that comes to mind is how in the world did i choose to ever watch a horror film?

well, scary it is but not in the traditional way. it is more like a fairy tale where the prince of darkness wears a white lab coat as he lumbers through his villa on the outskirts of paris. i do not love every film that criterion chooses to release but they all have one thing in common: international respect. i would surely choose jean cocteau's vision over the director of 'eyes without a face' simply because i trust cocteau to not frighten me. this movie led me and my friend rebecca into a wonderful conversation after its dreamy final scene whereby the heroine walks into yet another strange reality. in essence: all is vanity until one wakes from that particular dream.

photo: actress edith scob and friend

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