Sunday, December 6, 2009

great dialogue: 'notorious'

alfred hitchcock was a master. he collaborated with the best, from music to casting to writers. ben hecht was also a master. his screenwriting credits are seemingly endless. 'his girl friday' alone would place him with the greats. the writing he did on 'notorious' is flawless.

as they fly to rio devlin tells alicia that her traitorous father committed suicide in his prison cell.

alicia: when he told me a few years ago what he was everything went to pot. i didn't care what happened to me. it's a very curious feeling. as if something had happened to me and not to him. you see, i don't have to hate him anymore. or myself.... and now i remember how nice he once was. how nice we both were.

cary grant and ingrid bergman are perfectly cast. they are truly stunning in this film. it's my favorite hitchcock movie.

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nipper said...

i agree as well! profoundly a 'notorious' masterpiece. cary and ingrid is like milk and honey.