Friday, November 20, 2009

vivien leigh

this exquisite pearl of an actress won two oscars, married laurence olivier, and portrayed tennessee williams' personal favorite character in his entire ouevre in the film version of 'a streetcar named desire.' born in india, she acted through many theatre productions before heading to hollywood and scoring the plum role of 'scarlett o'hara.' eventually she landed in the arms of warren beatty in tennessee's 'the roman spring of mrs. stone.' perhaps the remake, starring helen mirren, is far more satisfying but watching viven and warren is surely fun. now for some hard to grasp fact: vivien only made 20 films in her illustrious career!

vivien on warren: 'he has the kind of magnetic sensuality you could light torches with.'

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nipper said...

and what a 'torch song' vivian carried. what was the age difference i wonder? then again, who cares?