Saturday, November 7, 2009

tom powers

this actor has over 130 film credits but i'm only familiar with his unpleasant role as 'mr. dietrichson' in billy wilder's 1944 classic 'double indemnity.' here is is going up to bed while his wife and lover plan his murder. moments before this sinsiter scene takes place, the three of them were all discussing the benefits of taking out an insurance policy:

mrs. dietrichson: (faking it!) if we bought all the insurance they could think of we'd stay broke paying for it, wouldn't we honey?

mr. dietrichson: (not faking it) what keeps us broke is you going out and buying five hats at a crack. who needs a hat in california?

maybe it's just me but i think that dialogue is hysterical.

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nipper said...

i love the spanish architect of la casa in this wonderful film.