Wednesday, November 18, 2009

taming the transformed

david garnett's novella 'lady into fox' is one of the most enchanting stories i have ever read. it tells of a young married woman whose happiness is destroyed by the pain of seeing a hunted fox; she changes, literally, into a wild vixen who has to seek her freedom.
the book was published in 1922 and has never gone out of print. it was made into a ballet in 1940. why oh why has it not been made into a beautiful film?
david garnett was the son of constance garnett, the great translator of russian literature (dostoevsky, chekov, tolstoy) and grew up in the literary world of 'the bloomsbury group' in england. so many artists and writers grew out of this circle. well into his forties, david married the daughter of one of his ex-lovers. they eventually had four daughters. the circle remains unbroken.

photos: courtesy of 'iloveyourchaos'/ballerina sally gilmour "She ranks only below Margot Fonteyn in general importance."

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