Tuesday, November 3, 2009

everybody loves louise

i read louise brooks' autobiography too long ago to remember much, other than she had a serious crush on the happily married leslie howard. she and i clearly have similar taste in men. her work in german/french silent films are her legacy but she actually hails from kansas. she had style in spades and a gorgeous smile. like audrey hepburn, louise will never go out of fashion.

In the opinion of Brooks's biographer Barry Paris, "turning down Public Enemy marked the real end of Louise Brooks's film career."For the rest of her movie career, she was reduced to playing bit parts and roles in B pictures and short films.

equally known for her high style as well as her naturalistic quality on screen, b pictures notwithstanding, everybody loves this gal.

photos: louise, richard arlen, and the great wallace beery in 1928's 'beggars of life'/brooks classic style/the famous 'bob' haircut

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