Saturday, November 14, 2009

cannot lose

Carey Mulligan
John Hurt
Helen Mirren
Pete Postlethwaite
and Sam Riley as 'Pinkie'

what a cast. they are all remaking 'brighton rock.' the popular and prolific writer graham greene wrote the novel 'brighton rock' in 1938. it is my personal favorite of his many books i have read. in 1947 it was first filmed and that version is really good though very hard to come by. richard attenborough played the merciless though naive little hood 'pinkie.' the film fell shy of the novel but it would be difficult not to as greene is a master.
well, another actor has taken on the challenge. sam riley was heartbreakingly great in 'control', the life story of joy division's lead singer/writer ian curtis. sometimes actors need to stand on a box when doing scenes with tall leading ladies. in this case i image everyone else will be doing that as sam is tall and 'pinkie' is a little punk. we shall see.

photo: attenborough and carol marsh/man in the middle, richard attenborough

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nipper said...

pal! you sure do have your finger on the pulse of WHAT!!! there is a movie in the works from the graham greene adaption 'brighton rock'
thanks for sharing. will save up dollars to see picture when on the big screen!!! thanks!