Saturday, October 24, 2009


recently i watched the film 'jude' starring the ever marvelous kate winslet. 'jude the obscure' on which the film is based is one of thomas hardy's sad novels, which at the time of publication was found to be deeply shocking and often covered in a brown paper bag! the main concern was the heroine's willingness to openly defy the institution of marriage. one cannot help but sense the spirituality in his work which definitely reveals itself through tragedy. for any of you curious about a lesser known film of winslet's, here you go. even though the two lovers of the story climb hill after hill, emotionally and financially, it is not so much the negligence of their children as the lack of awareness of just how closely a child looks and listens. the consequences, which are as serious as they come, still allow room for the lovers to navigate into whatever sort of future awaits them.

hardy's 'jude' is not alone in being adapted for the screen. his other novels, 'tess' ('tess of the d'urbervilles') and 'far from the madding crowd' were also filmed. i love them all even though i have yet to read his books.

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