Friday, October 2, 2009

a singular man

actor sean connery is just so dang dreamy in hitchcock's 'marnie.' he and tippi went at one another like controlled tigers and i just love the male/female tug of war in that film. french director jean-luc godard beautifully titled one of his films, 'masculin/feminin' and the french surely love to celebrate the difference between the sexes. however, connery, hailing from scotland, draws a nice bold line between the two. this fellow is very 'masculin.'
i am not a bond follower but i did see the early ones. i recall loving the book 'the spy who loved me.' there are so many wonderful actors who wear suits and hats and exude a cool calm and collected air. robert mitchum, humphrey bogart, sidney poitier.... but added to the solid, strong, and steady qualities that fit sean like a glove stitched by very controlled fingers is the way he is looking at the golden woman. it is exactly how he looked at 'marnie' as he observed her gloved and thieving little hand reach into his safe: concerned.

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