Friday, October 16, 2009

sentimental education

tonight i sat sipping hot chocolate from a very tiny cup in a heavenly shop ('charlotte en l'ile') the size of a closet to one who is not even a millionaire. the furniture consisted of one piano and three round tables with three chairs each (la menage!). we sat and swooned over the taste and talked of two beautiful films, both directed by bertolucci. i was firmly holding on to 'last tango in paris' while the art/film design student reminded me of a wonderful scene from one of the master's later movies, 'the dreamers.' in the scene the three (menage!) leads race each other through the louvre museum to see if they can break the record already set. i mentioned michael pitt, the student was on the louis garrel team. bernardo bertolucci's work always gets a conversation going.
my student friend told me that she and two others reenacted this scene when they went to the louvre. this is a perfect example of the power of film. you know they had the time of their lives.

photos: michael pitt, eva green, louis garrel

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