Friday, October 23, 2009

pint size power

brenda lee. gosh, she just blows my little mind. this gal sang for her candy at age three while standing on the counter at the candy store and she just never stopped singing. she eventually reached her full height of 4'9" and not only was she one of the most successful recordings artists of her time (fifties and sixties) but the beatles opened a uk tour for her. yikes. her signature hit, 'i'm sorry' has been in lots of films, including 'this boy's life' starring little leo dicaprio and robert de niro. de niro had plenty to be sorry for in that movie.

photos: brenda/with elvis/with glen campbell/my fave track, 'all alone am i'/brenda/a 45 with a built in center!

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nipper said...

i absolutely love and admire that cutie pie brenda!!