Thursday, October 1, 2009

the 'past' revisited

last night i listened to the commentary for 1947's 'out of the past.' i know this film by heart but it is always fun to learn how others think. the commentator was very poetic which was as it should be as the movie is stunning to look at and heaven to listen to. it never hurts to find out that a movie star was a real swell person. in this case robert mitchum.
opposite mitchum's deeply cool loser 'jeff' is amorality itself in the petite form of jane greer. she was about 21 at the time, beyond pretty, and had every guy wrapped around her pinkie.

the only time i ever saw someone take it on the jaw was down in austin. it happened outside a club and it scared the daylights out of me. that said, when the moment comes when 'cathy' gets a quick and ferocious slap from kirk douglas it is so very satisfying. how she takes it is equally so.

men, always men.

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allen said...

i looked for Pal's e-mail addr. but no luk.i wanted to remark on the matter of Pacino vs. de Niro. I say Pacino is the better of the 2, but guess you haven't yet seen Finding Richard. akshully I think he slipped alot in Merchant o' venice. but de Niro is always the same. playing deniro.

i don't have a profile i don't think but maybe a 5-6 blogs. I like yr site, for me--its about films. i know NOTHING ca what is currently called music. unless cool jazz, etc. i once obtained george shearings autograph long time ago. amusing story w/ that.

cheers, K.T.F. (keep the faith).
allen in asheville.