Saturday, October 3, 2009

papa ferrer

today's newsflash: jose ferrer is not the father of mel ferrer! which means jose ferrer was not the father in law to that slim slice of sophistication known as audrey hepburn. well, i am so glad to get that out of my way. however, jose was in fact george clooney's uncle. from the world's response to george this may be of more interest to some.
jose ferrer means one role to me: 'toulouse latrec' in john huston's 1952 'moulin rouge.' huston actually made me feel as if i was there at the table with the unhappy artist as he sketched the dancers kicking their legs while doing the cancan. part of huston's genius was presenting the 5'9" actor as a man who stood 4'11". jose was nominated at the oscars for this wonderful role.

full name: José Vincente Ferrer de Otero y Cintrón in 'moulin rougue'/painting by lautrec

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nipper said...

bedazzled what a classic film.