Wednesday, October 14, 2009

eugene genie

Eugène Anatole Carrière (January 16, 1849 – March 27, 1906) was a French Symbolist artist of the Fin de siècle period.
anthony hopkins played pablo picasso. gerard depardieu played auguste rodin. no one has played the great artist who inspired them both. i am newly acquainted with carriere's work and deeply moved by his beautiful paintings which seem to rise up through the back of the canvas. the sculptures of rodin also appear to grow out from within and these two were friends and considered to be tapping into the same dream.

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nipper said...

wow!! some may say the muted browns in color are washed out drab impressions, but i totally agree mr. eugene lifts the impressions right off the canvas with a 3-d profile. pal in france and sharing is such a treat! thank-you!