Saturday, October 10, 2009

elaine cassidy: a fresh four leaf clover

how lovely is this actress! i first saw her opposite cillian murphy in the upsettingly great 'disco pigs.' they were like yin and yang, cillian's huge pale blue eyes in contrast to her small dark eyes. i loved the film and i have loved all the performances i have seen from both of them. recently i watched the bbc television drama 'fingersmith.' elaine was nominated for her role as the sheltered victim of a stern uncle obsessed with the publishing of erotica, to the point of adopting the orphaned girl for the purpose of turning her into his secretary. from the age of about six she does nothing but read, correct, and study highly sexual works to the point of no longer connecting to the content. elaine has been honored many times for her talent. she is a very special actress who communicates an angelic quality though seemingly very grounded. how proud the irish must be of both her and cillian.

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