Sunday, October 18, 2009

a bird in that cage

i have only seen 1975's 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest' on the big screen, first when it came out and second.... last night. that's paris, france for you. this city is a dream when it comes to film revival houses. we were passing the theatre five minutes before it was set to start and next thing i knew i was swept away by every detail of this heart wrenching and mind altering movie. it will take days to settle. i laughed and cried and was fortunate enough to not recall just how it all was gonna end for mcmurphy, played by everybody's cool fave jack nicholson. what i want to say now is that his character was only one of ALL great characters. here are my top three though i adored every inmate:

jack as mcmurphy/brad dourif as billy/will sampson as chief. these men will live on in my heart.


nipper said...

'while i was planning to break out there was a bird in that cage" viva la jules. so happy you are in gayee paree having so much fun!

Drjohnrock said...

One of my very favorite films of all time. I'm sure we've all had days where it seems like we're McMurphy and the rest of the world is Nurse Ratched.