Wednesday, September 30, 2009

twee and yins

one of my own fave creations are the twin brothers 'twee' and 'yins.' twee is the younger of the two. even though they may only be one minute apart in age, yins is infinitely wiser. this makes me think that the 'older' ought to know better. not so in the case of screen siblings born on the same day.
i know that jeremy iron's wife, sinead cusack, suggested he pass on the remake of 'lolita.' smart woman. the fact that irons was great as the lamentable 'humbert humbert' is a mute point as the actor is faultless. i wonder what sinead thought of 'dead ringers.' this creepy cronenberg 1988 offering starred the adorable genevieve bujold alongside the two jeremy's, but i am not the one to give an accurate review as i had my eyes closed for much of it.
in 1964, when they made films i did not have to shut my eyes for, the divine ms. bette acted with herself in 'dead ringer', a similar title but very different picture. both bette and j. irons (as i fondly refer to him since he was kind enough to send me a lovely reply with 'j. irons' on the stationary) fill me with admiration. there were identical twins in my school so i know how sane they can be! not so these cinema creations.
by the way, twee and yins are very nice guys.

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