Friday, September 18, 2009

strawberry girl

jane asher was born in 1946. this little carrot top has the same lineage as king richard 111. that must be a very big deal in merry old england. she began acting as a child but no matter how seriously she took her career, being the girlfriend of beatle paul must have thrown a huge shadow over her life. they were together for five years, during which time she appeared in one of the great films, 1966's 'alfie.' i am most familiar with only a few of her roles, including her playing the wife of 'brideshead revisited's' 'charles ryder' opposite the ever astonishing jeremy irons. she cried a lot in that pretty unsympathetic role. to date she has 70 screen credits!

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nipper said...

likeness of anne of green gables to pippi longstocking to the real scapulated jane! nice time line.