Saturday, September 19, 2009

my dad

look at this guy! this is william holden, the darling actor who was found face down in the swimming pool of silent screen star norma desmond in 'sunset boulevard.' that film is kinda beyond classic. so is this image. when my dad was in the army he assisted one of his superiors, drove him around, and managed to score all sorts of desirables for his buddies: stockings, cigarettes, and who knows what.

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nipper said...

that rascal rowdy wild bill, i believe suffered a cerebral aneurysm back in the day when hypertension was a silent killer among type-A or cowboy bill's like the regal mister holden. he is one of my faves!!

papa shazar sounds like a friend indeed, for a friend in need.....reminds me of the character radar on MASH. what a good giggle for a saturday night read,