Monday, September 28, 2009

the legend lives on

museums are filled with incredible portraits, some in which the sitter is forever unknown. in the case of sylvette david, the one time model for the most famous painter in the world, the mystery came to light. during the fifties, she inspired picasso to paint dozens of works of art. picasso's pretty neighbor sylvette worked as a potter in the town of vallauris, a town that must have wept for joy when the grand artiste moved into his new home in the hills above the french mediterranean.
sylvette, known as lydia corbett, has been painting all her life and her work is truly delightful. the notion that she may have been the inspiration for bardot's role in the 1956 film, 'and god created woman' is legendary enough, but being a muse to picasso as a means of discovering the painter within is immense.

photos: sylvette/painting by picasso/watercolors by lydia corbett

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