Wednesday, September 9, 2009

careful, judy

just seeing this awesome image makes me want to watch 'the wizard of oz.' i adore judy garland. even though i saw the film a long time ago it would be really interesting to see it these days. judy was only 17 when she immortalized the song 'over the rainbow' but she seemed so grown up. it was that voice, that huge mind stopping sound that came out of her. no one knew 'how to use it' like she did. she only lived to be 47 but what a legacy this brilliantly talented woman left.

photos: tornados!

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nipper said...

i bet this bewildered talent 'clicked her heels' a lot to survive the industry of 'doll' keep making noise and movies' and we will take care of you. snicker, snicker, the bar tab and the pharmaceutical release is on us. hope judy did reach the end of the rainbow as in rip in your final pot of gold . peace.