Tuesday, September 29, 2009

burt with a 'b'

i don't know too much about this intense guy but he has surely been in several films i love:

the rose tattoo
sweet smell of success
a child is waiting
separate tables

judy garland owns one of those films, anna magnani another, but no one can claim 'sweet smell of success' but burt. if he was a sweetheart of a guy he deserves two oscars for his role as the ruthless immoral popular columnist 'j.j.' as the british say, he was a 'right bastard.' this 1957 slice of noir is an amazingly satisfying film. everyone is excellent in it. the good are good and the bad are rotten. the groveling publicist played by tony curtis actually plants 'pot' in the pocket of 'j.j's' kid sister's boyfriend..... kooky.

photo: burt, tony curtis and susan harrison

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