Monday, August 17, 2009

without equal

sans pareil is one of those pretty expression that the french know how to say, but the meaning is clear. that expression sits on the top of actress miranda richardson's silky head like a tiara. i suppose she is just one smash film away from lots of people diving back into her many brilliant performances.
in 1985 i went to see 'dance with a stranger' because of rupert everett. no one had such velvety chocolate little eyes like rupert. he was great as 'david,' the spoiled posh guy who toyed one too many times with the heart of 'ruth.' the film was based on the true story of the last women to be executed for the crime of murder in england. ruth came from the wrong side of the tracks, but that did not stop her from driving to the countryside where david and his posh friends were laughing and drinking beer in a pub. that was the night of david's final drink.
miranda richardson played a woman unhinged by circumstance like no tomorrow. her performance really changed my life in that she demonstrated just how great acting can be. i have yet to see anyone top it.

photos: miranda as 'ruth ellis'/what a darling face she has

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