Friday, August 14, 2009

viva la republique

throughout it's history, the symbol of the french republic is 'marianne', whose female form represents liberty. countless works of art have commemorated her. what began with statues and paintings has moved into the realm of living women. some of the people who have been honored with this position are :

brigitte bardot
catherine deneuve
ines de la fressange
laetitia casta

all of these women are either film stars or fashion icons. it is typical, though interesting, that the original model for 'triumph' has come to this! but, as i myself surely appreciate the french appetite for beauty, it is not a problem for me.

photos: 'le triomphe de la republique' created by aime-jules dalou in 1889/model and muse ines de la fressange and the man who took over from coco chanel, karl lagerfeld. he did not approve her choice to accept the position of 'marianne.'

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