Sunday, August 2, 2009


daphne du maurier (1907-1989) was certainly undaunted by her ancestors achievements. her father was sir gerald, an actor/stage manager. her grandfather was george du maurier, writer of 'trilby', the novel that gave to the world the character 'svengali.' in time daphne too became a dame of the empire.
i love all her books. like fellow english writer, patricia highsmith, many films were made based on her novels. here are some of the most famous:

jamaica inn
the birds
my cousin rachel
don't look now

romance and ghost stories were her domain. i think her work translates well into film. in the case of 'don't look now', too well.

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nipper said...

the pomme does not fall far from the gene tree. great strong facial features. interesting object behind daphne. perhaps like the larger than life luminous raven behind svengali her grandfather's character.