Sunday, August 2, 2009

that reminds me....

i often see a beautiful image that transports me smack into a film i've loved. it took me a while to locate a copy of 1952's 'my cousin rachel' but it did arrive at a time when i was immersed in all things richard burton. i don't mention him as much as i used to, but being that i created this blog in response to his performance in the film, 'look back in anger' i am happy to point to another early richard movie.
based on the novel written by the delightful/spooky daphne du maurier, the story is simple/complex as all love stories are. rachel is older, secretive, and the inheritor of the estate of her husband who seems to have mysteriously died. said husband was the guardian of a young man who falls madly in love with her. olivia is as enchanting as always, richard is both very young and completely spellbinding.

photo: the movie could have been filmed in the desolate countryside near this lovely dwelling.

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