Thursday, August 27, 2009

tampico blues

filmmaker john huston seems like a real wonderful guy. in some ways. great movies grew from his visionary mind and even his ex-wives speak fondly of the man. humphrey bogart was his pal and sort of an alter ego. they clashed but also knew they did their best work together.
bogart's role as the dirty, tired, broke american on mexican soil is one of his most iconic. 1948's 'the treasure of the sierra madre' is a fantastic piece of art and huston's papa walter might have stolen the whole drama if his co-stars weren't so excellent. sweetly, as he died two years later, he did win the oscar.
this sweeping desert-a-rama will have us saying, 'on no' many times with each viewing. as i have come to understand, without the 'on no's' there would be tons less of a story to tell. greed, betrayal, death, resurrection.... 'treasure' remains absolutely satisfying.

photo: humphrey bogart/walter huston/tim holt

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