Tuesday, August 4, 2009

'the shrimp'

with the exception of veruschka and twiggy, it is not that easy to squeeze a fashion model into a posting. i adore models from the sixties and the bona fide cherry on top of all things british swinging sixties was jean shrimpton. she was kinda the forerunner to kate moss. she was engaged to the 'it' photographer david bailey (gorgeous guy) who they say the film 'blow up' is based on and she was older sister to chrissie, another model who was mick's girlfriend. well, petite jean graced countless mags and infused zillions of teenage dreams of being a fashion model. in 1967 she actually starred in a film called 'privilege.' she retired to the countryside and opened a hotel.

photos: a big hug to whoever can guess how much i want to read jean's book/'the shrimp'/jean cruising with, forgive me, the sexiest actor ever, steve mcqueen.

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