Tuesday, August 11, 2009

pierre-auguste renoir 1841-1919

where to begin? auguste is one of my favorite names. this painter fills me with joy and sorrow. his work is so exquisite that i can only throw up my painter hands in surrender.
in his early years, before attaining success with his work, he would go to the louvre to study the great masters. in the last year of his life, he returned there to see his own works of art. what a beautiful circle of events.

he began his days working in a porcelain factory where his drawings eventually came to be used. imagine eating from a plate with a renoir on it! he never gave up painting even though his later years were troubled by severe arthritis. a truly inspired/inspiring man.
of his three sons, one became an actor and the other, jean, became a world class filmmaker.

images: painting in his garden (look at this man! somebody pinch me)/theatre box (this could be a scene out of his son's film, 'nana')/head of a dog (this could be my very own 'cosmo')/ breathtaking dahlias. i am in love with this man.


nipper said...

we need jules to take a photo of pal wielding her brush and holding her palette of wondrous colors as well. :)

scott davidson said...

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