Monday, August 24, 2009

johannes vermeer 1632-1675

no need to post a photograph of delft, holland, the place where painter johannes vermeer lived. look at this painting! it is breathtaking. his talent just stuns me. only today (courtesy of artist/friend ralph bourque) did i learn that there are only 36 vermeer paintings in the world. graciously, all of them are in museums. in his short life he and his wife had 14 children. this is what i read about him:

This working method most probably was inspired by Vermeer’s understanding of Leonardo’s observations that the surface of every object partakes of the colour of the adjacent object.

i also learned that when you see an orange dress in one of his paintings, it very well may be purple underneath. it is said that his paintings offered colors we do not see in reality.

photo: in 2003 actor colin firth portrayed vermeer in 'girl with a pearl earring.'

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