Saturday, August 1, 2009

jersey girl

eva marie saint made her film debut opposite marlon brando in 'on the waterfront.' amazing good fortune, that is. she played 'edie', the sister of 'joey', who 'terry's' brother and friends knock off. against the wishes of his brother's hoodlum pals, marlon sang and danced his way into edie's heart. her performance as the shy convent school girl who sees right through his shroud of guilt won her an oscar.
eva marie has such a beautiful presence. naturally platinum hair, amazing bone structure and an overall countenance as soft as her mitten which terry picks up and slips his hand into while they walk through the park. it is one of the sweetest moments on film and her participation is perfection.

a true new jersey girl born in 1924/publicity shot for 'on the waterfront'


Peter said...

Eva Marie Saint has just turned 80, Pal. My favorite of hers - "Exodus", with Paul Newman. Those cheekbones never better!

pal shazar said...

is this peter as in 'cybele'?