Tuesday, August 25, 2009

fountain of youth

it was only recently that i discovered tyrone power. i know, the man was a human gateau. in 1939 he did a cute film with linda darnell called 'day-time wife.' she is what my dad would call 'a living doll.' they were just darling together in this romp about a young couple starting out in a big city. while he is at work she secretly takes a job as a secretary to a man who (naturally) ends up a business associate of tyrone's. madcap mirth ensues.
i had no idea till just now that linda was 16 years old in that movie. 16! she tragically died at 42 in a fire at home.


nipper said...

i just love to her papa shazar's quips when it comes to acknowledging
'dolls' what a charmer. my heart strings are plucked every time tyrone's name is brought up! ' sweet 16 and your beautiful' such melancholy thoughts to sum up the 'candle in the wind' personification and the quick flicker and dousing of beautiful people who left this mortal coil so soon.

Mrs. R said...

I have a secret affection for Daytime Wife. It's considered a lousy movie, but I like it. Zanuck made Power do it because he married Annabella against Zanuck's express wishes. As retaliation, he gave Power this film and wrecked Annabella's film career.

Linda was a typical teenager, very silly and also very nervous. Power would often blow takes when he saw her making a mistake so that it would look like his fault that they had to re-do a scene. She said that she would be doing a love scene with him, and someone would tap her on the shoulder and tell her it was time for her history lesson.

Candle in the wind - very apt for these beautiful people. Thank goodness we can still enjoy their films.

nipper said...

wonderful cliff note summary of gentle human pioneering spirits who had a peripheral connection outside of themselves.