Thursday, August 13, 2009

a fond farewell

i adore noel coward. every aspect of the man delights and moves me. his songs, plays and his interviews. i love his voice. it comes as no surprise that i would love director david lean's beautiful 1945 film based on one of coward's plays. 'brief encounter' is a perfectly cast intimate tale of only two people. yes, they both have spouses and children, but it is the delicate face of celia johnson looked upon by trevor howard that is all consuming. for them and for us.
a love affair can last days or years. the heart cares not for time though place is very important, and one of the hardest parts is finding that private place in which to share privacy.
this movie begins and ends in a train station. considering all the stress and steam of such an environment, it is a remarkably delicate and sensitive film.

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