Monday, August 3, 2009


i recently saw 'royal flash', the 1975 zany adventure film that followed the exploits of a young man surviving great odds among lords and ladies and different periods of history. i think. it is truly a dizzying film. based on a popular english book 'flashman' (or many of them) it stars malcolm mcdowell, alan bates, and oliver reed. it was directed by the beatles director richard lester. for just a small amount of screen time the actress britt ekland appeared. she was so astonishingly beautiful i just laughed. she was perfectly cast in a film that had me shaking my head the whole time.

photos: britt swimming her way toward stardom and marriages to both peter sellers and rod stewart.

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nipper said...

just the cast alone is worth putting on the 'must see' list. intriguing while i pinch my nose while going under....