Saturday, August 22, 2009

art imitates film

patti smith never made any bones about who inspired her. after seeing sinatra in this scene from 'a hole in the head' i was convinced of his contribution.


Drjohnrock said...

Yes, but how far did that inspiration extend? I just don't see a natural artistic progression from Sinatra to Smith. Then again, I didn't really appreciate Slow Children but I do "get" Pal Shazar's solo music so who am I to say? Hmm, wonder if Patti ever got the chance to personally pay homage to Frank? I doubt it--one of The Chariman's goons would have kept her at least 20 feet away.

nipper said...

i see this connection of inspiration and artistic progression as the stepping stones an artist overtly conveys from the past thru image, music, words, and their everyday existence. and, yes the evolved byproduct is the prolific and gifted individual.