Tuesday, August 18, 2009

beyond actresses

bette davis and miriam hopkins were both terrific. these women deserved oscars simply for working together. not only were they both tops in 'the old maid', but bette was having an affair with miriam's husband prior to the filming. it seems that nothing comes between a star and her performance.

there is a scene in this film where the long time best friends have a fight. bette heads for the door, turns around, and marches right up to miriam and literally shakes the daylights out of her till miriam falls back on the sofa. then bette says, 'sorry' and leaves.

bette also had this to say: miriam was 'terribly good, unprofessional, and jealous.' dang. i wonder what miriam had to say when bette walked off with an oscar for best actress in a film version of the play she herself had starred in. whatever it was, she said it in her wonderful southern accent. i could watch these two endlessly.

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