Sunday, August 2, 2009

to be a redgrave

michael regdrave is such a super actor and his children followed in his talented footsteps. while he is sobering his daughters are quite the opposite. both vanessa and lynn can be dizzying. i have a feeling the film 'georgy girl' put lynn on the map big time. she owns this film. that is quite an achievement when one considers her co-stars in this serious romp from 1966. james mason plays a wealthy older man determined to make her his own. charlotte rampling plays her skinny, gorgeous, selfish, and cruel roommate. in love with said roommate is alan bates, one of the most beloved actors to come out of merry old england.
lynn gets to be 'georgy', tirelessly taking care of everyone. she shines like mad in this wonderful movie.

photos: lynn and alan/lynn and alan/charlotte

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nipper said...

love that film !