Wednesday, July 29, 2009

to each his/her own

i went to see the film 'performance' with my mom. i know, pretty strange. i remember talking about anita pallenberg on the way back to the car. my mother called her, 'sexy.' well, i guess that was true.
being a miserable teen, i idolized the stones and their girlfriends. i just knew their lives were amazing. no matter how mistaken i may have been, i was convinced. at some point my affinity for the beatles shifted onto the stones and i thought anita held all the cards as ex girlfriend of brian jones and current girlfriend of keith richards. she co-starred with mick jagger in that beautiful and interesting movie, 'performance.' i mean, come on. one snapshot of keith and anita strolling in the sun after a boat trip in copenhagen with their tiny kid in tow really made me swoon. a zillion highs later and naturally the picture is not quite as pretty. here is how anita looked back when i was ditching school to go smoke in the park.

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