Friday, July 3, 2009

to be perfectly honest

when orson welles did a radio production of an h.g. wells story about an attack from outer space, the listeners flipped right out. the legend goes: orson was so convincing, the story was so gripping, and the public was so willing. well, what the freak out did was catapult young orson right out of his seat in the radio station in new york and landed him smack dab in a hollywood meeting that resulted in his being given carte blanche at the age of 24. someone always wins and that time he surely did. on the heels of one broadcast came the film 'citizen kane.' when he unleashed that beauty on the world it did not go quite so well.....
masterpieces rarely do.

photos from top: scaring the folks with his legendary radio broadcast of 'war of the worlds'/wounded in action on the set of 'citizen kane'/becoming the fictional newspaper giant that resembled the real one a bit too closely.

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