Friday, July 17, 2009

one of a kind

actress paula prentiss is as genuine as it gets. her performance as a 'stepford' wife is terrific. when she 'cracks' it is mind bending to this day. she has been married to actor richard benjamin since 1961! these two surely owned some of the seventies and i cherish benjamin's protrayal as the husband in 'diary of a mad housewife' in which he is beyond brilliant. his exclamation, 'TINA!!!!' led to the longest lasting nickname for my dog 'kareem.'
paula was shiny, a bit loopy, and timelessly slim. i have a feeling singer chrissie hynde has a fondness for her.

photos: classic 60's/looking like a cross between anna magnani and chrissie hynde/with richard benjamin/with rock hudson


nipper said...

you are so right!! her features and personas take on a mix likeness of the other great actresses you pointed out. i do cherish her t.v. roles in the 70's. seems between her, sheree north, karen black, they were the made for t.v. movie diva's.

nipper said...

see a little of natalie wood too!