Friday, July 17, 2009

on the rocks

this image pretty much sums up marriage. this is from the film version of the play, 'look back in anger.' the couple in john osborne's milestone play are painfully in love. the man can't look at his wife without feeling torn up inside. the woman can't spare herself any of the grief her husband believes she needs to experience to bring them closer together. it really sounds like a mess till you see it for yourself. what the best writers are able to do is take the subject of love and dissect it to the point where the big picture gets so small only to make clear the universality of the experience of loving.

photo: from the 1958 film 'look back in anger': actress mary ure as 'alison', the beautiful bane/blessing of 'jimmy's' (a part ripped to exquisite shreds by richard burton) existence.

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nipper said...

riveting! the best condensed soap opera saga original. the brits sure do a great job!