Monday, July 13, 2009


cary grant is famous for delivering the line, 'judy, judy, judy.' he claims he never said it! he did say that judy garland was the only judy he knew.
i read the biography 'get happy' and just loved learning about her life. a friend of mine borrowed it and said she could not get through all the sadness. well, judy surely tried to get happy while dealing with pressures coming at her from all sides. this woman was a very special actress who possessed one of the most moving voices ever to sing terrific songs on stages round the world. watching her sing,'cottage for sale' on one of her t.v. shows is kind of too great.

photos: top/young judy bottom/with dear friend actor dirk bogarde

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nipper said...

i always thought judy, judy, judy, done in that debonair english accent was so cary grant too!