Wednesday, July 15, 2009

dick york 1928-1992

i sure love when tons of people have something in common. everyone loved 'bewitched.' elizabeth montgomery was an adorable person, agnes moorehead as her mom was perfectly detached, and the kooky cast delighted. as 'samantha stephens' husband 'darrin', actor dick york was stellar. he was funny, charming, tolerant, surprised and tender. plus, he was an ad man! i always thought that must be the best gig in the world, as in, 'hey! i got an idea!'
in the span of five years he was in 156 episodes. he had an illustrious television career. he did make several films and sadly injured his back while filming a movie which resulted in his spending his later years housebound, crusading for those in need. he said."I have done more in this chair here then I could have ever done in Hollywood." his organization, 'acting for life' must have been a great inspiration for the film community.
you can see dick in 6 episodes of hitchcock presents on hulu.

photo: dick/with t.v. wife elizabeth montgomery/with t.v. 'mother in law' agnes moorehead. look closely at the 'couch.' it's a bathtub!

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nipper said...

mister york's eyes sure did add the drum roll to his comedy punch lines and his facial expressions that ended the conclusion of his comedic scenes.